About Us

We are Supportive, formally known as The Social Resource Centre, a registered charity and not for profit organisation founded in 1994 to support people in County Durham to live full and active lives with the freedom of choice in their own future.

Our professional quality volunteer transport, domiciliary home care, training and support services, are managed from our base in Ferryhill where we offer premium care and reliability to people of all ages in the cities, towns and villages in the County Durham area.

We have a full 100% good rating from the Care Quality Commision (CQC)

 At Supportive we care. We place people at the heart of everything we do, delivering independence and support to those who need us, those who invest in us and those around us.

As a charity we support initiatives to bring comfort, companionship and happiness to the vulnerable and isolated within our communities and we welcome support and donations in whatever form they come.

Supportive is currently the only provider of domiciliary health care for Durham County Council which operates within the not for profit sector out of the nine main providers used by the Council.

 The ethos of Supportive is to deliver trusted community services, providing the best possible conditions for staff and providing customers with a reliable, caring service.

Our Vision

“To be a community of active people, able to live full and active lives with the freedom of choice in our own future”.

Our Mission

“Supporting local people to become independent within our community and help improve individual’s well being to encourage people to live a full and active life”.

Care Workers

Our Guiding Principles

We aim to be Supportive:

To those who need us:

  • Striving to do our best and exceed expectations.
  • Providing a safe, consistent and responsive service
  • Ensure that we can deliver sustainable services that are fit for purpose and offer a fair price.

To those who invest in us:

  • Offering a fair deal to those who work and volunteer with us.
  • Commitment and capacity to continually improve the way we work.
  • Invest in new ways of working, recognising and reactive to opportunities that can improve our impact on society.

To those around us:

  • Committed to the positive impact that we have on our community.
  • Working in partnership and collaborations to create a fairer society.

Meet our Head Office Management Team

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John Davison – CEO




Tracy Hutchinson – Strategic Support Manager



Leanne Clark – Acting Head of Service – Transport

Wendy Emberson – Finance Manager




Christine Briddick – Head of Homecare & Training

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Meet Our Trustees

Supportive is governed by a Board of Trustees. The members of the Board are as follows:

Chairman of Trustees
Vice Chairman of Trustees
Hon. Secretary

Robert Evans
Mike Smith
Linda Tyman
Ian Brown
Kathleen Conroy
Brian Meek
Margaret Meek
Andrew Munro
Joanne Hall
Wayne Hall
Philip Carmedy-Pye
Alison Schreiber

The Supportive Board meets on a monthly basis and has an agreed schedule of meetings at which the Board reviews a set schedule of business to ensure that all relevant matters are covered during the year. It is the intention of the Board to review its membership, skills and contribution over the coming year to ensure that the governance of the organisation is appropriate to the size and its areas of operation.

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